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Meet My Penis Sheath - Introducing Sex Aids to a New Partner

Sometimes a man likes to incorporate a sex aid, such as a penis sheath, into his romantic life; yet, while more and more people are admitting that their sexual lives are enlivened by the occasional or regular use of sex toys, it can still be a tricky subject to bring up with a partner. While the use of a sex toy is not directly related to penis health, it can have an impact on the health of a person's sexual relationships - either positively, if a man finds a partner who is accepting of the device; or negatively, if refusal to consider toys causes a rift in the relationship.So how does a man go about incorporating sex aids into partner play?Here are a few steps to consider:* Decide how important the sex toys are. For example, if a man enjoys wearing a penis ring, is it something that he feels strongly about sharing with his partner? For some men, a penis ring may play a role in their erectile success, so it may be important to incorporate it into partner sex. For another man, it may be purely decorative, and...


Why Seamless Stockings Are Still Sexy After All Of These Years

Seamless stockings made of silk and cotton were being worn hundreds of years ago in Japan, China and even ancient Greece. They truly became a indispensable item of clothing in Europe beginning in the 12th century. Men wore them under their breeches (early pants) and ladies wore them under their gowns held up by garter belts. When seamed stockings became the fashion trend among European nobility, the general populace still wore the seamless stocking as they were more affordable at the time. Eventually, the seamed stockings fell out of fashion but the seamless stockings were still worn by the common people.In the early 1900's stockings came back into fashion and it silk or cotton stockings were part of every woman's wardrobe. Even with the invention of nylons in the 1960's, stockings remained popular and were mass produced. Many of the older generation of the time wanted the traditional knee and thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose. These seamless stockings are often held up with a rubber strip buil...


Friend to Girlfriend Secrets

Time and time again, the question seems to come up from men that really want to turn around their personal life and finally get the reaction from women that they want. Guys want to know how they can turn a friend to a girlfriend and there is a very common and a very good reason for this. Men almost always find themselves falling into the position of being a friend to a woman that they would much rather date than anything else. If you want to turn a friend to a girlfriend, then there are some things that you MUST do and some things that you MUST know before you can make this happen. Of course, the easiest answer would be to not let it ever get to the point where she sees you as a friend and nothing more. Then you don't have to worry or wonder about how to turn things around. But, usually the guys that really want to know the friend to girlfriend secrets are already there, so there's not much use into going into that. So, what are some tips to turn a friend into a girlfriend, once you have already gotten int...


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